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Sherpa for EnterpriseThe predictive engine that adapts to your business needs
Make your device intelligent by integrating Sherpa’s API/SDK.

Prioritising Client Security

We believe in prioritishing the privacy and security of client data. That's why Sherpa subscribes to ISO-27.001 regulations.

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API/SDK for enterprise

Make your devices intelligent at the touch of a button.

The distinct versions of the SDK enable easy integration of the intelligence of Sherpa’s API into your solutions. At the same time, they offer tools that allow Sherpa to continually learn more and more from your users, allowing you to offer them the most relevant information, according to their preferences, interests, and routines.


Easily convert your device (TV, router, etc.) into a home assistant. Allow your users to receive Today’s Breakdown, news that interests them, their favorite teams’ scores, etc.


Enhance your wireless earbuds by integrating Sherpa’s intelligence. Bring your headphones to the next level.


Sherpa’s systems are easily integrated with the automobile, converting the conventional car into a modern-day “KITT”.


Make your apps intelligent by offering users the most current information, based on their habits and preferences.

Companies such as Sherpa, ...accurately predict the information users will need using probabilistic modeling and NLU driven by a wide range of consumer behaviors.

Data Enrichment

With Sherpa's Data Enrichment you get the most advanced AI, Profiling & Predictive technologies in your hands.

User Profiling

Increment your income by better knowing your users. With Sherpa, not only will you know what your users are like.


Integrate a complete dialogue system into your products using our Natural Language Processing algorithms.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Quickly and easily develop and deploy virtual agents and chatbots through a variety of channels: mobile devices, messaging, smart home and car devices, etc.

Discovery and Recommendation

Offer your users all of the information that interests them, based on their preferences and location, with the most dynamic collection of data, continuously updated in real time.

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