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Unparalleled, propietary and patented technology

AI, Profiling & Predictive Algorithms

Sherpa’s AI technology is able to mimic human intelligence to make your life easier and more exciting

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NLP and Conversational manager

Unparalleled linguistic intelligence and Built-in natural language capabilities

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AI, Profiling & Predictive Algorithms

Powerful machine learning system

Based on robust machine learning techniques, its Artificial Intelligence Algorithms work together to provide the best user-specific recommendations in any situation at any time.

User profiling

Its personalised predictive capabilities set it apart from market competitors. Sherpa analyses over 100,000 parameters per user per day in order to formulate and continously update individual profiles:

  • Demographics (Business traveler, electronic buyer, golfer, etc)
  • Personal Interests (Fashion, technology, etc)
  • Commuting habits
  • Social media habits
  • Personal Relationships (Family, friends, coworkers, etc)
  • Top Brands
  • Restaurant preferences
  • Sports preferences
  • Among others

NLP and Conversational manager

Unparalleled linguistic intelligence

Sherpa incorporates five levels of linguisticstic analysis to eliminate all possibility of misinformationterpretation- morehology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics and function. Its sophisticated natural language technology mimics human understanding ti dismiss impossible or unlikely matches.


Built-in natural language capabilities

Packed with over 300,000 concepts and 5,000 syntactic and semantic rules, Sherpa's thoroughly tested core system provides the basis for a reliable and comprehensive approachch to human-computer interaction.

The Sherpa dialog manager and Sherpa natural language processing technology together represent an extremely capable and comprehensive approach to human-computer interaction That's Sherpa.

Sherpa’s extensive resources of conceptual and linguistic information and its detailed, five-level approach to linguistic analysis make it a highly accurate and flexible tool for building innovative natural language-based solutions


Speech and natural language processing expert.

Co-Principal Investigator on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the U.S. Department of Defense funded project which integrated Unisys natural language understanding technology with speech recognition.