The Web, is leaving the era of search and entering one of discovery. What's the difference? Search is what you do when you're looking for something. Discovery is when something wonderful that you didn't know existed, or didn't know how to ask for, finds you.

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What is Sherpa?

Let’s imagine we have a personal assistant that as soon as I wake up suggests the clothes I must put on depending on what the weather is going to be like and where I am going to be. Which, based on my tastes, has also cut out the press articles or blogs that interest me most and suggests plans for the weekend because the weather is going to be good and it knows I like art and open-air activities or if it were going to rain suggests a restaurant for Saturday and my favourite film director’s most recent premiere.

Sherpa Next is that assistant that helps us to save time and enjoy our lives to the fullest. It saves us time because we don’t have to plough through the enormity of the net and it improves our lives because it will help by informing us about activities that we wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for Sherpa.

At Sherpa, we think there is a better way of consuming information than searching a text box and viewing contents consisting of a never-ending list of underscored blue links.

Xabi Uribe-EtxebarriaFounder and CEO of Sherpa

What can it do?

Experiencia predictiva


Sherpa, the crystal ball

Sherpa has developed powerful Artificial Intelligence Algorithms based on probability models to be able to predict the information users are going to need. To do so, Sherpa is based on interactions, localisation and another series of user inputs. Sherpa’s Algorithms dramatically improve accuracy and make it one of the most powerful Machine Learning systems for predicting information.

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Sherpa does the work for you and just by opening it, it displays the information you are going to need adapted to you, to your tastes and visually, which helps us to get a better grasp of the information.

Xabi Uribe-EtxebarriaFounder and CEO of Sherpa

Sherpa Keynote 2015

Sherpa Keynote fue el evento de presentación de las últimas novedades de Sherpa donde pudimos disfrutar, entre otras, con las intervenciones de Steve Wozniak (Cofundador de Apple), John Sculley (Ex CEO de Apple), Celestingo García (Vicepresidente de Samsung), Bernardo Hernández (Ex CEO de Flickr), Carlos Latre (Imitador y humorista) y, como no, de Xabier Uribe-Etxebarría (Fundador y CEO de Sherpa).

Sherpa Next ya está disponible para Samsung Gear S2 con una versión de interfaz adaptada a sus funciones de bisel giratorio y slide. Con esta integración Sherpa Next hace del Samsung Gear S2 el smartwatch más completo del mercado.

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